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Besides publishing printed magazines, which are more like a book, Pinball Magazine also publishes a free monthly newsletter. In this newsletter the most important news from the pinball industry of the past month is summarized. This newsletter is the easiest way to stay informed, and usually it is sent out the first week of a new month.

Occasionally Pinball Magazine also sents out extra newsletters to inform you about big pinball industry news, new products in the Pinball Magazine webshop, or to announce a new issue of Pinball Magazine being available.

As you're probably already receiving plenty of emails on a daily basis, Pinball Magazine only sents out a newsletter if we have something to inform you. We don't spam: we don't remind you a dozen times about the same products over and over. We think you're smart enough to order our products immediately when they become availeble :) Just leave your email address and name below and stay informed!
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